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STEMscopes Overview

Real science means inquiry-based, hands-on investigation.

Built on a digital platform, enhanced by print, and brought to life in hands-on kits, STEMscopes Alabama creates a student-centric blended STEM learning environment where teachers are able to teach, intervene, and accelerate their diverse students. STEM digital resources and on-demand print come to life through hands-on kits offering teachers an adaptive platform that increases engagement, rigor, and student achievement.

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Helping Teachers Succeed

Key Benefits

Engage Students in Real STEM Learning

Leverage the 5E+IA model to drive student inquiry, promote student learning ownership, and effectively differentiate.

Strong vertical alignment—develop student expectations across grade levels with parallel lesson design.

True Alignment to the 2015 Alabama Course of Study: Science

Real world science. Built by teachers.

Meets all DCIs across all K-8 strands, while using powerful Claim-Evidence-Reasoning assessments.

21st Century Technology

Online curriculum and assessment, content connection videos, and digital journals.

Digital interactives and science songs.

Drag-and-drop lesson planner.

Embedded professional development.

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Professional Development

Being a highly effective teacher is equally important as having the best instructional resources. STEMcoachTM, the professional development arm of Accelerate Learning, knows that a teacher's professional development is the single best investment in our students' futures.

With STEMcoach, engaging and knowledgeable STEM coaches provide a wide variety of research-based, hands-on professional development and STEMscopes product trainings. STEMcoach is ready to develop your skills as a science teacher so you can have a direct impact on your students' success and build your leadership capacity for implementing STEM programs.

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Professional Development

How STEMscopes is Built

Rooted in the Scientifically Proven 5E Model PLUS Intervention and Acceleration.

STEMscopes K-12 pedagogy has its roots in Bybee’s 5E model, Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, and the back-flipped classroom wherein students learn by doing and experiencing rather than passively observing.

Engageview detail

  • » Students get hooked on the science lesson through demonstrations and real-life applicable short activities.
  • » Pre-assessments let teachers know where students are, and additional teaching strategies put students on individual paths.

Exploreview detail

  • » Students conduct investigations to build upon their prior knowledge and to generate new ideas.
  • » Set-up videos help teachers see the lesson, materials set-up, and student outcome expectations.

Explainview detail

  • » Students use fun, collaborative grouping strategies and interactives to share their explanations of the exploration activities.
  • » Question prompts along with student responses are provided, and built-in progress monitoring helps teachers determine intervention needs.

Elaborateview detail

  • » Students are challenged to extend their conceptual understanding and apply their skills.
  • » Leveled options help teachers meet the unique needs of individual students.

Evaluateview detail

  • » Students demonstrate learning in Writing Science activities that are aligned to ELA standards such as main idea, making inferences, and graphic organization.
  • » Standards-based post-assessments help teachers gauge student mastery in relation to high-stakes exams.

Textbook Review Committee Ratings

The Alabama State Textbook Committee had the opportunity to review STEMscopes Alabama K-8 and gave it a glowing report!

Scored on a 4.0 scale, their ratings of each grade level’s curriculum content is show in the graph.

Alabama Ratings Chart

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Experience STEMscopes Alabama and see how teachers ACTIVATE student learning through facilitated hands-on activities built from the ground up. From hands-on, inquiry-based investigations to math, literacy, art, and engineering differentiation activities, STEMscopes Alabama makes teaching science easy, affordable, and engaging.


STEMscopes Samples & Brochures

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STEM Simulations

Introducing STEMscopes Interactive Simulations

STEMscopes simulations are embedded throughout the curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade. These interactive elements help students practice their learned content knowledge and skills and enable teachers to assess in unique ways. Designed in two formats, Simulation Practice and SEP Simulations, they integrate smoothly with the hands-on experiences, STEM videos, and teacher resources.

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STEM Videos

Explore STEM around the World

We're enhancing STEMscopes Content Connections with over 1000 new STEM videos!

Twig World licensed videos bring global STEM phenomena to your classroom without any additional cost or software—they’re already in your STEMscopes subscription!

Whether used in class or assigned for use at home, these short and impactful videos are sourced from top film archives, including BBC Worldwide and Getty Images libraries.

Enhance your hands-on experiences by seeing how the models you create with your students in class act in the real world.

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