What is STEMscopes?
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Each STEMscopes-embedded Tuva dataset begins with a description of the activity and a short introduction that discusses background knowledge related to the dataset that will help students analyze and process the information.

STEMscopes + Tuva

Data Literacy for STEM Education

Tuva is a library of real-world datasets from primary sources such as NASA, NOAA, NIH, CDC, the US Census, and many other sources. Its research-based, interactive, easy-to-use graphing and statistical tools will promote inquiry and integrate SEPs across STEMscopes NGSS middle and high school lessons.

Supporting SEPs in NGSS

Science is rooted in data, and hence data are fundamental to all of the SEPs in NGSS. Tuva enables students to actively engage in science practices while visually exploring real-world data. Students can readily view data in different ways, ask and investigate questions, and reason informally and mathematically about what the graphs they make show about processes and phenomena. Data-driven activities across STEMscopes NGSS give students focused practice in two of the most challenging SEPs:

Analyzing and
Interpreting Data

Students interactively select the aspects of the data they will use to investigate a scientific question or claim, how best to graph the data, and which claims are supported by the data. They describe patterns and variability in the data and interpret what those patterns might mean in terms of the science content they are studying.

Using Mathematics and
Computational Thinking

Students turn informal interpretations of data into concrete mathematical practices by adding measures of center, range limits, thresholds, confidence intervals, linear equations, and other mathematical constructs to their graphs.

Promoting Data Literacy

Manipulating the data is only the beginning—students can then interpret and analyze the results of the data in order to understand how different variables influence both large- and small-scale phenomena. These experiences enhance their data literacy skills. In addition to numeracy and general literacy, our students need this “third pillar” of data literacy to be capable of understanding STEM phenomena and be prepared to effect positive change in the world.


Built in Partnership with Tuva!

Tuva is the leading data literacy learning platform in K—12 education, bringing a curated library of scientific datasets, easy-to-use data and statistical tools, and inquiry-based curricular resources to educators and students in 12,000+ schools and districts.

For more information visit tuvalabs.com. The integrated solution is now available to all STEMscopes NGSS subscribers.

In addition, STEMscopes schools and districts can purchase a Tuva Premium subscription for a special discount to provide a unified data platform for their teachers and students.