Case Studies

Comparing STAAR™ 8th Grade Science Passing Rates for Matched STEMscopes & Non-STEMscopes Districts in Texas in 2021

The following report includes results comparing matched STEMscopes and non-STEMscopes districts on the science component of the 2020-2021 State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) for 8th grade...

STEMscopes 2021 Impact and Research Report

Across the year, the Accelerate Learning (ALI) research department has been working hard to provide strong evidence of the effectiveness of STEMscopes across science, math, and technology divisions/curricula. We conducted 13 studies focused on providing evidence of effectiveness across the STEMscopes suite of products as well as providing information that can help ALI improve existing products and develop new ones..."

Comparing STAAR™ 5th Grade Math Passing Rates for STEMscopes & Non-STEMscopes Math Schools in Dallas ISD

STEMscopes Math schools increased the “approaches grade level” passing rate of their students by 4.56%, resulting in an additional 115 Dallas ISD students achieving the state of Texas ‘passing’ benchmark in 2021. In addition to these passing rates, STEMscopes schools saw an over 12% higher passing rate among African American students within STEMscopes Math schools in Dallas compared to African American students in non-STEMscopes math Dallas schools..."

La Entrada Students Participate in Hands-On STEM in the Classroom and via Distance Learning with STEMscopes

In 2019, La Entrada educators set out to find new science materials aligned with the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS). They chose STEMscopes CA NGSS 3D, STEMscopes Streaming, and STEMscopes Coding as their STEM solution. "STEMscopes provides an intelligent approach to the NGSS and follows the standards with fidelity. It makes my job easier. If anyone asks about a particular standard, I can pinpoint it in STEMscopes. STEMscopes has also made the transition to distance learning so much easier. My students have been learning science remotely for almost a year now, they are completely engaged and their comprehension is good, too..."

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