Blended Learning

While most textbook companies first write content and then drop in related activities, STEMscopes was written with the hands-on activities first, resulting in more effective curriculum. Combining digital resources, print, and hands-on kits helps students develop a more complete sense of STEM by learning content through a variety of modalities—increasing engagement by fostering a blended learning environment while empowering both traditional instruction and 1-to-1 classrooms.

Student STEMscopedia - 6th Grade

Enhance Literacy with Print

STEMscopes NGSS 3D Student Notebooks and STEMscopedias supplement our comprehensive online curriculum. These grade-level books are organized by bundle, with title pages to separate the lessons within each scope. Although the items included in the printed books are also available for download within the online curriculum, the Student Notebook and STEMscopedia are handy tools that reduce the need for printing and distributing large numbers of colored handouts.

Student Notebook

A consumable lab notebook containing full-color versions of the Explore labs and other student activities, such as the Graphic Organizer, Reading Science, and Claim-Evidence-Reasoning assessment. The Student Notebook pages use a 45-lb paper weight and are perforated for ease of use. Each includes a table of contents and activity handouts.

Student STEMscopedia

A hardback reference that includes each scope’s STEMscopedia text, plus parent connection activities and embedded comprehension questions. The STEMscopedia pages use a 50-lb paper weight and are hard-bound for durability. Each includes a table of contents and a glossary.

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