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What is STEMscopes?

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STEMcoachTM Professional Development provides a continuum of professional development to help teachers effectively master the use of STEMscopes curriculum and best practices from beginning to end. STEMcoach offers everything from introductory sessions on what is STEMscopes to STEM certification for your campus/district.

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Implementation Training

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STEMscopes is intuitively designed so all teachers can grab-and-go from day one. However, it takes time to fully utilize all the features of STEMscopes and master the 5E+IA model on which it is constructed. Implementation trainings are designed to help schools and districts that are new to STEMscopes get up to speed quickly.

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Follow-Up Training

Engaging and informative STEMcoach advanced sessions help teachers continue to grow professionally, responding to their needs and providing clear, actionable plans so they can learn more and dig deeper into the features of STEMscopes, STEM practices, and the 5E+IA instructional model. Follow-up trainings are brief courses available both in person and via webinars to hone specific skills.

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STEM Instructional Practices (SIPs)

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Based on the research of John Hattie and Tony Frontier, STEMcoach has identified 15 key STEM teacher actions that increase student engagement and achievement when implemented proficiently. Focusing on the "why," the "what," and the "how to," each SIP expands your powerful instructional toolkit so you can better meet the learning needs of the students in your science classroom.

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Designed for campus and district leaders who are fine-tuning their understanding of STEM programs, STEMposiums focus on how to integrate engineering and problem-solving skills into active learning in the science-based STEM classroom. These full-day, highly engaging events bring together district and campus leaders in your area to critically discuss what STEM in the classroom really means.

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We are looking for passionate science educators with availability during the school year to train on the implementation of the award winning, digital science curriculum, STEMscopesTM. We serve Pre-K through high school teachers.

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