What is STEMscopes?



Web Browser Requirements

Internet Explorer 11
Safari 4 or greater
Firefox 4.5 or greater
Google Chrome (required for SciRave + Dance Mat)

Mobile Device Requirements

All STEMscopes video and interactive components are encoded in HTML5. An web-capable device (tablets, phones, computers) require no additional software, apps, or updates to be able to fully use STEMscopes.

PDF Software

Adobe Reader 10 or greater
Mac OSX Preview

Additional Recommended Software

Microsoft Office 2000 or greater (highly recommended)
Apple iWorks (Pages and Numbers), Open Office, or Libre Office (alternatives)

Network Requirements

Access to any hosts under the *.stemscopesapp.com. All content will be served from subdomains of the domain name. If required, IP addresses can be provided for firewall configuration.

Ability to accept mail from @acceleratelearning.com and @rice.edu email addresses. Some features of the site require email verification and notification to users and it is important that these incoming addresses not be blocked or marked as spam.

Accessing our content depends on real-time streaming, if the content is a video, song, or other interactive element, while all of our print materials in PDF format can be downloaded to a computer as quickly as the school’s network allows. At present, we have had no difficulty delivering content through our site, and as our user base grows and the need for additional bandwidth grows, we can easily make that adjustment through a phone call to Rackspace, our server provider.