New STEMscopes Distance Learning Tools Assist Educators and Students with Virtual Instruction in Math, Science, and STEM

Houston, TX – In the shift to distance learning, many teachers and students find themselves missing the hands-on learning that happens in math, science, and STEM classrooms. To assist teachers with virtual instruction and increase engagement for students, Accelerate Learning has announced several new distance learning resources and new features in STEMscopes Math, STEMscopes NGSS 3D, and STEMscopes curricula built for individual states...

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Virginia Approves STEMscopes Digital STEM Curriculum in State Science Textbook Adoption

Houston, TX – Accelerate Learning today announced that the STEMscopes digital STEM curriculum has been approved by the Virginia Board of Education as part of the state textbook adoption for science. The adoption of STEMscopes Virginia includes grades K-6 and Physical Science, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

STEMscopes Virginia is a comprehensive, hands-on STEM curriculum that is built from the ground up to the 2018 Virginia Science Standards of Learning and Curriculum Framework. STEMscopes is centered on phenomena-based instruction to drive student inquiry and a passion for STEM. Through the research-based 5E plus intervention and acceleration learning model, students explore scientific concepts through dynamic phenomena found in everyday life...

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STEMscopes Math Assessments Help Teachers Personalize Instruction to Address Unfinished Learning and Drive Student Growth

Houston, TX – Each fall, many teachers rely on data from state assessments and other measures to determine if students have mastered grade-level math standards and where they will need support. Since many states cancelled statewide tests last spring due to COVID-19, teachers must now rely on benchmark assessments and other tools to help them differentiate instruction, whether they are teaching in the classroom, remotely, or in a hybrid model.

To provide teachers with the data they need to personalize math instruction and drive student growth throughout the school year, Accelerate Learning has expanded its partnership with MetaMetrics® to integrate new benchmark assessments and Quantile® measures into STEMscopes Math. STEMscopes Math is a core math curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and is currently available nationwide for grades 3-5...

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Fifth Graders in Districts Using the STEMscopes Digital STEM Curriculum Achieve Higher Passing Rates on the California Science Test

Houston, TX – California school districts that used the STEMscopes digital STEM curriculum with their fifth grade students in 2018-19 had higher fifth grade passing rates on the California Science Test (CAST) than districts that did not use STEMscopes, according to a new study published by Accelerate Learning...

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