Accelerate Learning Introduces STEMscopes Coding

Houston, TX – Accelerate Learning announces the national release of its first coding program, STEMscopes™ Coding. Powered by Bitsbox, STEMscopes Coding walks students and teachers through the process of creating and sharing digital apps. The new program for grades 3-8 is now available to educators nationwide.

“The best way to learn coding is by diving in and writing real code. With STEMscopes Coding, students get to make and share real apps — and no prior coding experience is required,” said Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. “It also provides embedded support to help educators teach coding with confidence. In addition, every project is mapped to a set of cross-curricular academic standards to make it easier to find time for coding in the curriculum..."

STEMscopes NGSS 3D Named 2020 CODiE Award Finalist in Four Categories

Houston, TX – Accelerate Learning today announced that STEMscopes NGSS 3D has been named an SIIA Education Technology 2020 CODiE Award Finalist in four categories: Best Science Instructional Solution for Grades PreK-8 and Grades 9-12, and Best STEM Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8 and Grades 9-12.

STEMscopes NGSS 3D is a phenomena-based STEM curriculum that provides teachers with everything they need to address the Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices that form each standard of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). It includes customizable, coherent, storyline-driven bundles that immerse students in overarching phenomena while linking the three dimensions across lesson modules...

Amid School Closures Due to COVID-19, STEMscopes Enables Continued Learning Through Web-Based Curriculum

Houston, TX – Given the growing concerns regarding COVID-19 (aka coronavirus), we understand that many schools may enact precautionary and/or cautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of their students and faculty in the coming weeks. Here at STEMscopes, we strive to support our schools in any way we can, and want you to know that we are here for you during this time of uncertainty.

In the event that your campus undergoes a temporary closure, or students and faculty are required to stay home, our web-based curriculum allows you to continue your regular math and science instruction. STEMscopes is designed for both teachers and students to have easy access from any device at any time, regardless of location. Teachers can assign tasks, students can complete assignments, and all resources are printable for students who do not have internet access at home.

"As schools experience temporary closures due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, STEMscopes enables continuity of learning throughout the transition from school to home and back," said Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. "We are pleased to offer users the flexibility to continue math and science instruction with our cloud-based curriculum available at school, from home, and anywhere with internet access and on any device."

Click here for more information on how students, teachers and administrators can access STEMscopes from home.

For further information about the coronavirus and its history, virulence, prevention, and treatment, visit our online resource here.

Accelerate Learning Introduces STEMscopes School Success, A Customizable STEM Professional Learning Solution for K-12 Districts

Houston, TX – The most important strategy schools can implement to significantly increase student learning in STEM is to improve the quality of instruction. Accelerate Learning today announces a highly effective, customizable STEM professional learning solution for K-12 educators called STEMscopes™ School Success.

STEMscopes School Success creates custom-tailored plans for STEM excellence based on the strengths and weaknesses within each district or school. The six-step system for school success is designed to meet the needs of schools at all levels of STEM practice, including those that need improvement or seek to reach new heights, have a large population of new teachers, have or are considering STEM-designated campuses, or employ STEM instructional coaches...


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