What is STEMscopes?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEMscopesTM?

STEMscopes offers easy delivery of science lessons. We offer teachers numerous resources per unit (to which we refer as a “scope/module”) built around a 5E or UPs model (dependent on which program you select). Our mission is to empower teachers to focus on effective instruction, rather than on devoting time to a search for quality resources and materials. Being fully online, we are instantly accessible and highly customizable for your students’ individual needs. STEMscopes allows you to continue the learning outside the classroom with assignable, online student activities. STEMscopes is also available in print, kit, and app formats to function in all classroom types.

Will STEMscopes help me with my advanced students?

STEMscopes has the power to engage advanced students with rigorous, innovative activities to further develop their knowledge and understanding. Teachers have the opportunity to conduct PBLs and cross-curricular connections with their students throughout each lesson to enrich their understanding of every scientific concept.

How does STEMscopes help under-performing students?

Intervention can be a big challenge in today’s time-crunched classrooms. We offer teachers easy, manageable solutions to reach under-performing students such as small-group hands-on guided practice experiments, CLOZE passages, and a breakdown of the language of each standard to make learning the content easily digestible.

Does STEMscopes offer a variety of assessments?

Within each scope, teachers can access a variety of formative and summative assessments. A teacher can evaluate students of all learning styles with a range of assessment types, from multiple choice formatted assessments, open-ended response, rubric-based performance assessments, Claim-Evidence-Reasoning challenges, to interactive/virtual assessments. By assigning assessments to students online, teachers can access data on individual performance and sculpt lessons to meet students where they are weakest while supporting those that already understand the material.

Who creates instructional materials for STEMscopes?

Our writers are teachers with proven records of success, district science specialists, former curriculum writers, and school administrators. All our writers undergo a lengthy vetting process to be chosen. Furthermore, we are constantly meeting with our writers to share ideas and integrate user feedback into our program.

What are your copyright dates?

You can access our print material copyright dates by clicking here.

What does STEMscopes cost?

We believe in delivering affordable curriculum for any school budget. STEMscopes functions on a per student license with teacher access being free; students subscriptions are approximately $5 per year and become cheaper for multi-year adoptions. When compared to competitors, we have one of the lowest per student costs. Please contact us through our contact form for a quote or if you have additional questions.

Can my students use the website? Do they need a computer?

Yes, teachers can create logins for students to access the website on their own. All students can use the same login and can access the site simultaneously. Teachers can even select certain components and assign them to their students through the website. However, our philosophy about science teaching informs our hands-on policy; just because our curriculum is housed online, the program offers multiple avenues for hands-on inquiry by the student. Computers are helpful but are not necessary for student use. Only the teacher needs access to the Internet to download the materials for each lesson.

How do I register for an account with STEMscopes?

To get an account with STEMscopes, either your district or your school will contact us to set up an account. Once we receive the order, a person at your campus or district would be named the account administrator. This person will “invite” teachers by sending a special link from the district or school STEMscopes account to the teacher’s district email address. Once a new user gets this link, a short setup process will begin after which the user will have full access to the website contents.

What software is needed to access STEMscopes?

All that is needed is an Internet connection. Our videos, documents, and games are housed in-site, so no additional external hardware or software whatsoever is required. It is advisable to keep your web browser updated to ensure a smooth user experience.