Despite the ever-growing need to adequately prepare students in math, science, technology, and engineering, students are not arriving to college adequately prepared to be innovators in the STEM workforce.  In addition, many students feel disconnected from STEM fields as teachers and schools struggle to meaningfully engage them. STEMscopes™ values what teachers work relentlessly to improve – teaching. By leveraging an educator’s expertise and talent with tools that engage, assess, and facilitate student learning, STEMscopes™ offers a unique approach to science education.  Our program offers students and teachers quality instructional materials that drive hands-on science learning in K-12 classrooms.  Written by teachers, for teachers, STEMscopes™ empowers educators and school administrators to engage their students through inquiry-based practices.  By learning science through hands-on discovery, STEMscopes™ helps students develop reasoning skills that improve the quality of their lives.

We know that every student can succeed.  STEMscopes™ provides teachers with resources that allow them to effectively differentiate instruction for their students. Each student needs their own approach to learning that is tailored to their strengths in order to be successful. STEMscopes™ targets student success by adhering to a strict alignment between learning objectives and outcomes.  Furthermore, within each “scope,” teachers find powerful tools to execute a 5E lesson, along with opportunities for acceleration and intervention.  As educators, we understand the need to have high expectations by making science rigorous, yet adaptive to their learning styles; thus, our curriculum is designed with this in mind from the ground up.  In sum, STEMscopes™ arms teachers with the tools they need to make science fun and meaningful for their students, their community, and themselves.

STEMscopes™ constitutes an ongoing initiative by Rice to address educational inequity in Houston and increase student achievement.  In 2010, Rice founded the Kinder Institute, committed to public outreach through the increase of awareness and funds for pressing urban issues in Houston. The center’s Community Bridges Program, co-sponsored by the Center for Community Involvement, works to reduce poverty in Houston’s fifth ward. In addition, Rice’s Center for Research and Design, a part of the Center for Civic Engagement, pioneers relationships with international communities; for example, by sponsoring students to design and test low-cost biomedical devices abroad.


In 2006, Rice formed a partnership with the Houston Independent School District, the result of which became TAKSscopes™, a teacher resource for 5th grade and newly tested TEKS. In 2007, the program, already updated for K-5, expanded as a part of the Rice Center for Technology, Teaching, and Learning. In 2011, the program evolved into STEMscopes™, a fully comprehensive K-8 curriculum adopted by the Texas State Board of Education as an approved resource for supplementary science. This year, STEMscopes™ expanded its curriculum to high school chemistry, biology, and physics and inaugurated a new department, the Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship, to foment K-20 educational initiatives at Rice.  Explore this website further to learn more about exciting new developments at STEMscopes™.  Learn more about Rice University by clicking here.  Visit the Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship (RDLS) by clicking here.