Click on the parents, teachers, or administrators video below to get an in-depth view of STEMscopes™ and understand how it can impact your students.  To see samples of lesson materials, tour our STEMscopes 2.0 preview site.

STEMscopes™ is a comprehensive online, supplemental print, and supplemental kit curriculum program that provides numerous hands-on inquiry activities, including intervention and acceleration resources, plus teacher support materials all specifically focused on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  STEMscopes™ can help your school or district in a variety of ways:

  • access proven, research-based Rice University resources to provide rigorous instruction in STEM in traditional, blended learning, and 1-to-1 classrooms
  • engagstudents in interactive-based learning through games, virtual labs, online assessments, and more
  • achieve success on the STAAR with a 100% alignment to the TEKS and ELPS (Spanish K-5) with a robust analytics system
  • develop life-long science learners through inquiry-based hands-on science

STEMscopes™ offers more than 40 resources per “scope” to help a teacher construct an effective 5E lesson with intervention and acceleration. Some of our materials highlights are:

  • teacher background with broken down key points for every TEKS and set-up videos for each explore hands-on lab to demonstrate the activity procedure
  • a variety of assessment types including multiple choice, rubric-based, and open-ended
  • content connections to math, reading, art, music, app design, careers
  • problem-based learning activities
  • 4 hands-on lab activities per “scope”